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 love can happen anywhere, anytime

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PostSubyek: love can happen anywhere, anytime    Fri May 20, 2011 2:33 pm

Love can creep up on you in the strangest places, at the strangest times.

If you are expecting an epic tale of a modern day Romeo and Juliet or of Rama and Shinta, you are probably looking at the wrong place.

This story tells of how simple and sweet love can be, of two people connected by mig33 and their love for one another!

It all started with yualova’s question about how to use emoticons on mig33. Little did she know that she would in turn find her life partner, kakek13, from that innocent question.

After a few conversations, they progressed to playfully kicking each other in Chatrooms. At this point of time, kakek13 was already mesmerised by yualova. Who was this wonderful girl that shared his joy in kicking games? Nobody in mig33 knew! She was shroud in mystery, never turning up at mig33 gatherings that he attended.

Putting on his thinking cap, kakek13 embarked on a determined mission to try to meet yualova in the most unique way! He decided to approach yualova and demanded to meet her in person. Through his persistence, yualova eventually gave in and decided to meet kakek13 to attend a mig33 local gathering. She needed to see who this rascal was too!

It was all a whirlwind after that. There was an instant attraction and they got together a mere 3 days from first meeting at a mig33 kicking tournament in Solo! After dating for 3 months, their love was so strong that kakek13 popped the question and they got engaged on “Hari Raya Aidilfitri” in 2010.

Marriage was on the cards and they eventually got married on 8th January 2011 in a ceremony which was blessed by their parents and attended by some of their mig33 friends! Now isn’t that a a simple and sweet love story?

Here’s a note from the blessed couple:
“mig33 is a place where you can actually meet and make genuine friends from all over the world, getting along together. You should also keep an open mind when communicating with your friends online as there are unlimited possiblities!”

Congratulations kakek13 and yualova! May you live happily ever after!

Remember, love can happen anywhere, anytime.

Very Happy salah satu moderator forum solo kakek13 hari ini masuk dalam pemberitaan di blog resmi mig33 karena kisah cintanya di dunia mig33 yang akhirnya mengantarkannya d jenjang pernikahan Mad

congratz kek - tambah tenar wae ki dirimu .. wakakakakkak Very Happy

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PostSubyek: Re: love can happen anywhere, anytime    Tue May 24, 2011 7:42 pm

makasih infonya...hahaha...fotone ra nguati


klik nick cebol
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PostSubyek: Re: love can happen anywhere, anytime    Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:30 am

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PostSubyek: Re: love can happen anywhere, anytime    

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love can happen anywhere, anytime
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